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Welcome to The OASYS Group

The OASYS Group is a management consulting company. We help people grow by providing talent management solutions for each stage of employment – from recruiting and onboarding new employees, to engaging, developing and retaining existing employees. At the core of our interventions are strategies to align talent management processes with business goals. Our competency-based approach creates a synchronized work environment where employees are engaged – increasing performance and reducing employee turnover. Click the play button below to learn more about us.


Checkout Alonzo’s new book – Hiring Made Easy as PIE – available online and in bookstores. Click here to learn more and order a copy.

The Book The Doctor Ordered

Hiring best-fit employees is a critical task but it doesn’t need to be daunting or complex. In Hiring Made Easy as PIE, Alonzo Johnson, Ph.D., applies his perspective, based on extensive research on hiring practices and years of hiring experience in the business world. Alonzo has synthesized his knowledge into essential learning to present a methodical hiring approach that is easily learned and applied as a structured, easy-to-follow, yet effective process.

Hiring Made Easy as PIE is a how-to guide for hiring best-fit employees. The book is intended for anyone who needs to hire someone to fill a position in the workplace. This is accomplished by presenting a straightforward approach to hiring. Specially, is uses PIE as an acronym for hiring in three slices or phases—Prepare, Interview, and Evaluate.  With this book as your guide, hiring can be as easy and enjoyable as PIE.

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